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Dr. Goldenhersh

Cosmetic & medical dermatology

מרפאת ד''ר גולדנהירש

כל מה שאתם צריכים בתחום הדרמטולוגיה
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Photofacial Treatment

After years of exposure to strong mid-eastern sun, the skin often develops a combination of brown colored sun spots and red colored dilated blood vessels. The skin looks weather-beaten marked by an unwanted mixture of colors. Powerful pulsed light treatment can turn back the clock. Carefully selected power settings tailored for each color shade can greatly reduce the unwanted skin tones. See MSP- Maximal Power

Treatment of Sun Spots

Flat brown spots on the face, chest, arms, and legs can be successfully treated. These sun spots are often called liver spots” but actually have no connection to the liver. They are sun induced.

The medical term is solar lentigines. These unwanted sun spots also respond beautifully to powerful pulsed light. The key to successful treatment is choosing the right power settings. See MSP- Maximal Safe Power.

Reduction of Facial Redness or Facial Veins

Dr. Goldenhersh has vast experience in successfully treating the facial redness of rosacea. A special attachment device designed for this purpose is used. Dilated blood vessels shrink rapidly in response to the powerful pulsed light and restore the skin’s natural color. Spider angiomas also respond to this highly effective treatment. Choosing the optimal power settings is achieved by Dr. Goldenhersh’s unique system of MSP – Maximal Safe Power.

Hair Removal

Hair removal is performed with the world’s most advanced IPL system, approved by the FDA and by the Israel Ministry of Health. The range of light used in these treatments spans the visible and infrared range. Dr. Goldenhersh has available two different flash lamp attachments allowing him to choose and tailor the optimal treatment according to your hair color. Typical areas of hair removal in women include: legs, underarms, bikini area, upper lip, face, hairlines, arms, back, neck, chest including nipples, and buttocks. Common areas in men are: back, chest, shoulders, back of neck, abdomen, buttocks, forehead, ears. The MSP-Maximal Safe Power- is carefully determined for each patient to assure maximal but safe results.

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