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Dr. Goldenhersh

Cosmetic & medical dermatology

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Laser Hair Removal

We remove hair using the most advanced IPL (intense pulsed light) system available and under expert medical supervision. Our Laser / IPL machines provide optimal power with optimal safety. It has numerous options for adjusting the pulse width and the power, allowing for safer and more effective treatments. We have two different flash lamp attachments so we can tailor the optimal treatment according to your hair color. Dr. Goldenhersh began his training in dermatology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York City where he also did a fellowship in basic science research of skin. He completed his training in clinical dermatology at Yale University. He subsequently was selected to be a fellow in skin pathology at Yale. He is board certified in Dermatology in the United States and in Israel. He is also board certified in Dermatopathology (skin pathology) in the United States and his specialization in Dermatopathology was granted special recognition by the Israeli Ministry of Health. Dr. Goldenhersh’s research interest in light and skin began twenty-five years ago and continues until today. He received his first U.S. patent on a new method of blocking ultraviolet light in 1989. He has investigated the relationship between total dose and dose rate on the skin with ultraviolet light and visible light and has lectured on this subject. He returned to Yale University for a private tutorial in laser treatment of the skin. He is director of the first laser center in Israel to use a Palomar light device. Building on his quarter of a century research experience in light and skin and what he learned from giants in the laser field, Dr. Goldenhersh evolved his own unique approach to laser/ IPL treatments called MSP- Maximal Safe Power. This method is especially fitting for Mideastern skin types. The Maximal Safe Power is carefully determined for each patient to ensure maximal but safe results. Areas from which we often remove hair: Women: legs, underarms, bikini area, upper lip, face, hair lines, arms, back, neck, chest including nipples, and buttocks. Men: back, chest, shoulders, back of neck, abdomen, forehead, ears.

Frequently Asked Questions


How does laser/ IPL hair removal work?

Each hair grows from a hair follicle under the skin surface. The hair follicle contains melanin pigment which is a naturally occurring chromophore (see section on laser terminology). The powerful pulse laser/IPL light interacts with the melanin and generates heat. This heat damages the hair follicle rendering it incapable of producing another hair.

Besides hair removal, what other cosmetic treatments can be done with laser/IPL?

The following treatments require special equipment and technical know- how that is different from that required for hair removal:
-reduction of facial redness/ facial veins
-photofacial/ photorejuvenation treatment
-treatment of sun spots (brown spots)
-scar reduction – acne scars, surgical scars, chicken pox scars, and striae (stretch marks).

If cosmeticians are doing laser/IPL hair removal, why do I need a doctor?

Laser/ IPL treatments of skin are dermatologic medical procedures. Dermatologists, spend their entire professional lives studying skin, and are uniquely qualified to perform or supervise these procedures. Their training and experience helps them develop a proper understanding of the interactions between skin and light, putting them in a better position to achieve the right balance between power and safety.

Does it matter which laser/IPL machine is used?

Yes. Laser/ IPL machines vary in quality just like automobiles. A “Rolls Royce” of the laser/ IPL industry, as used in our laser center, provides optimal power with optimal safety. It has numerous options for adjusting the pulse width and the fluence (power). These factors allow for safer and more effective treatments.

Are cosmetic laser/IPL treatments safe?

Yes. Laser / IPL treatments have been done on skin for over 50 years. A hair removal laser/ IPL device was approved by the FDA in 1995. Treatments can be done even on teenagers. The key to safe treatment with laser/ IPL treatment is qualified medical supervision.

For facial hair, which is better, electrolysis or laser/IPL?

In general, laser/ IPL is the treatment of choice for facial hair. Larger areas can be treated more rapidly and more effectively with greater comfort and less risk of hyperpigmentation and scarring. The exception is light colored hair because laser/IPL only works on hair with brown or black color. Electrolysis works on hair of any color. Electrolysis, however not infrequently, leaves small scars. When laser/IPL is done under proper medical supervision, complications are rare.



Fractional Laser

A type of laser used in cosmetic procedures which delivers powerful pulsed laser light in numerous thin columns. Fractional lasers are either ablative or non ablative. An ablative fractional laser vaporizes the skin surface, the epidermis. A non-ablative fractional laser preserves the epidermis and affects only the dermis. A non-ablative fractional laser is ideal for treatments of scars because scars are located in the dermis.


A chemical structure present in the skin which is capable of selective light absorption of specific wavelengths. Chromophores commonly used in Laser/IPL skin treatments are melanin and hemoglobin.


Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation
A laser device emits highly amplified and coherent “light” of discrete wavelengths.

MSP-Maximum Safe Power

For more than 25 years, Dr. Goldenhersh has delved into medical science which formed the basis for his MSP system. The system is based on the process of exact medical evaluation of the patient’s skin type to achieve maximal safety on the one hand and at the same time maximal effectiveness. The fine line between success and damage requires a trained specialist in dermatology.

The goal in our medical laser/ IPL practice is to find the ideal MSP for each patient in order to achieve the maximal safe results. This involves careful analysis of each patient’s skin type to provide maximal but safe power. Dr. Goldenhersh has been collecting data from patients treated for more than ten years which forms the basis for the method called MSP.
The MSP is based on accurately determining your skin type by evaluating three parameters: (1) careful clinical dermatologic examination ; (2) Fitzpatrick skin typing, a method based on your history of response to sun exposure; and (3) meticulous measurement of your skin type using a reflective spectrophotometer which yields a numerical measurement of the skin type. The correlation of this data with power settings on the laser/ IPL device allows for the use of Maximal Safe Power.

Pulsed light

A laser in which a pulse of coherent light is emitted at fixed time intervals to allow higher output power compared with continuous light emission.

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