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MSP-Maximum Safe Power

For more than 25 years, Dr. Goldenhersh has delved into medical science which formed the basis for his MSP system. The system is based on the process of exact medical evaluation of the patient’s skin type to achieve maximal safety on the one hand and at the same time maximal effectiveness. The fine line between success and damage requires a trained specialist in dermatology.

The goal in our medical laser/ IPL practice is to find the ideal MSP for each patient in order to achieve the maximal safe results. This involves careful analysis of each patient’s skin type to provide maximal but safe power. Dr. Goldenhersh has been collecting data from patients treated for more than ten years which forms the basis for the method called MSP.
The MSP is based on accurately determining your skin type by evaluating three parameters: (1) careful clinical dermatologic examination ; (2) Fitzpatrick skin typing, a method based on your history of response to sun exposure; and (3) meticulous measurement of your skin type using a reflective spectrophotometer which yields a numerical measurement of the skin type. The correlation of this data with power settings on the laser/ IPL device allows for the use of Maximal Safe Power.

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